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Sales & Support

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Sales and Service

Whether you want custom built machines to your specification, or off-the-shelf solutions, we are the place to be.

From workstations to servers to network attached storage (NAS), we are the place to go.  We can build systems to suit your specific needs, or provide name brand systems from Mac, HP, ASUS, Toshiba, and many others.

Custom Programming & Hosting

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Whether you need domain hosting, custom applications (including web apps), or a combination of them, we are the place to go.

We provide custom programming to satisfy your requirements.  Our preferred language is REALStudio, as it is the premier cross-platform development environment. (We program for Windows, Macintosh, & Linux) 

Incremental Backup (Offsite)

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Piece of Mind

Your backup system is only as good as your last restore.

Backup to our servers, recover your files easily, feel safer.

  • It just makes sense!

    Small to medium sized businesses need IT support, but are not always able to afford it.  By outsourcing your IT department you have reduced costs, whilst having first-class service.

  • A service agreement is ideal when you need to have fixed support costs.

    For a monthly fee, you get all the remote support you require, and a pre-negotiated amount of on-site service.

    (A fair use policy applies.)

  • Best effort service, when you ring.

    No monthly fee, and charged on an hourly basis.

TechTernatives, your only alternative!

Prefered Technologies

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